Bases Used To Mount And Support Operation Neptune

The Shore Bases, Assembly Areas and Embarkation Hards principally connected with Operation Neptune were as follows:

Appledore N Devon US Navy advanced amphibious training Coastal Forces repair facilities

Beaulieu River Hampshire Landing Craft base (HMS MASTODON)

Belfast Western TF bombarding forces assembly

Birdham Chichester Landing Craft base (HMS SEA SERPENT) (post-assault Ferry Service)

Brightlingsea Colchester Landing Craft base (HMS NEMO) Coastal Forces repair facilities

Brixham Devon Landing Craft Hard “PU” (4 LCTs) Coastal Forces base

Burnham-on- Crouch Essex Landing Craft base (HMS ST MATTHEW)

Bursledon Solent Landing Craft base (HMS CRICKET) Coastal Forces repair facilities

Calshot Solent Landing Craft maintenance base

Calstock Tavistock USN advanced amphibious maintenance

Cardiff Turn-round Control HQ

Chatham Kent Turn-round Control HQ

Clyde Eastern TF bombardment forces assembly

Cowes Isle of Wight HQ Naval Commander Force ‘J’
Landing Craft base (HMS VECTIS)

Dartmouth Devon USN advanced amphibious base;
Coastal Forces base (HMS CICALA) Deal Kent 16 LCT Hards (NW 1, 2, 6 & 11)

Devonport (various) 14 LCT Hards (PP 1-3 & PS) Western destroyer patrols

Dover (various) 7 LCT Hards (ND -1, 2 & 4) Eastern destroyer patrols

Dungeness Kent ‘Mulberry’ Phoenix and Whale assembly

Exmouth Devon Landing Barge (Vehicle) base (HMS TENNYSON)

Falmouth Cornwall USN advanced amphibious base 2 LST and 10 LCT Hards (PF 1-4) Coastal Forces base (HMS FORTE)

Felixstowe Suffolk 6 LST and 4 LCT Hards (NST 1-3) Coastal Forces base (HMS BEEHIVE)

Folkestone Kent Landing Craft base (HMS ALLENBY) 1 LST and 3 LCT Hards (NT 1)

Fort Southwick Portsmouth HQ Build-up Control and Turn-round Control (HMS PORCUPINE)

Fowey Cornwall USN advanced amphibious training base

Gosport Portsmouth 2 LST and 2 LCT Hards (GF & GH)
             Harbour Coastal Forces base (HMS HORNET)

Harwich Essex Landing Craft Base (HMS BADGER)

Hastings Sussex 4 LST and 4 LCT Hards (NB 1 & 2)

Hayling Island E Hampshire Landing Craft Maintenance base (HMS NORTHNEY)

Hayling Island W Hampshire Landing Craft base (HMS DRAGONFLY) (post-assault Ferry Service)

Hythe Southampton Landing Craft base (HMS SQUID II) 12 LCT Hards (NR 1-3)

Lepe Solent 4 LCT Hards (Q)

Littlehampton Sussex Coastal Forces repair facilities

London Royal Albert Dock Hard
Victoria Dock Hard

Lowestoft Suffolk Landing Craft base (HMS MYLODON)
Coastal Force base (HMS MANTIS)

Lymington Hampshire Landing Craft Maintenance base (HMS PAULINE)
2 LCT Hards (A)

Milford Haven Pembrokeshire USN advanced amphibious base

Newhaven Sussex Landing Craft base (HMS NEWT)
Coastal Forces base (HMS AGGRESSIVE)

Oban Argyllshire Blockships (Corncobs) assembly

Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire Coastal Forces base (HMS SKIRMISHER II)

Penarth Cardiff USN advances amphibious maintenance

Plymouth USN advanced amphibious base
Coastal Forces base (HMS BLACK BAT) RN auxiliaries depot ship (HMS PARIS) (Turnchapel) 2 LST or 4 LCT Hards (PK

Polgwidden Cornwall 2 LST Hards (PH)

Poole Dorset Landing Craft base (HMS TURTLE) (post-assault Ferry Service)
Coastal Forces base (Hamworthy) 4 LCT Hards (P) (Sandbanks) Landing Craft Maintenance base

Portland Dorset USN advanced amphibious base
5 LST and 4 LCT Hards (R 2 & 3) ‘Mulberry’ Bombardon units Coastal Forces base (HMS ATTACK)

Portsmouth 1st Destroyer Flotilla Base
Naval Despatch Boat Service HQ Trawler dept ship (HMS MARSHAL SOULT) ‘Spout’ destroyer and frigate patrols

Queenborough Kent Landing Craft base (HMS WILDFIRE II)
Minesweeper base (HMS ST TUDNO)

Ramsgate Kent Coastal Forces base (HMS FERVENT)

Richborough Sandwich, Kent Landing Craft base (HMS ROBERTSON)

Rye Sussex Landing Craft base (HMS HAIG)

Ryde Isle of Wight Landing Craft base (HMS MEDINA)

St Mawes Falmouth USN advanced amphibious training base

Salcombe Devon USN advanced amphibious base

Saltash Devon USN advanced amphibious base

Seaford Sussex 4 LCT Hards (C.2)

Selsey Sussex ‘Mulberry’ Phoenix and Whale assembly

Shoreham Sussex Landing Craft base (HMS LIZARD)
9 LCT Hards (H & K) Coastal Forces repair facility

Southsea (S Parade Pier) LCI loading point

Southampton Landing Craft base & depot (HMS SQUID)
6 LST and 2 LCT Hards (S 1-4) ‘PLUTO’ Force depot (HMS ABATOS)

Stanswood Bay Solent 3 LCT Hards (Q 2)

Stokes Bay Gosport 16 LCT Hards (G 1-4)

Tamerton Foliot Hamoaze Landing Craft base (HMS FOLlOT)

Teignmouth Devon US advanced amphibious training base

Tilbury Thames Landing Craft Maintenance base
(HMS ST CLEMENT) 4 LST and 8 LCT Hards (NZ 1-5)

Torquay Devon 4 LCT Hards (PY)

Warsash Solent Landing Craft Maintenance base

Weymouth Dorset Landing Craft HQ (HMS PURBECK)
Landing Craft base (HMS GRASSHOPPER)

Yarmouth Isle of Wight Landing Craft base (HMS MANATEE)