Divisional Order of the Battle

Armoured Divisions

Guards Armoured Division.

7th Armoured Division.

11th Armoured Division.

79th Armoured Division (Special tanks).

Infantry Divisions

3rd Division.

15th (Scottish) Division.

43rd (Wessex) Division.

49th (West Riding) Division.

50th (Northumbrian) Division.

51st (Highland) Division.

53rd (Welsh) Division.

59th (Staffordshire) Division.

6th Airborne Division

Polish Army

1st Armoured Division.

Independent Brigades (21st Army Group)

4th Armoured Brigade.

6th Guards Tank Brigade.

8th Armoured Brigade.

27th Armoured Brigade.

31st Tank Brigade.

33rd Armoured Brigade.

34th Tank Brigade.

56th Infantry Brigade.

1st & 4th Special Services Brigade (Commandos, incl Royal Marine Commandos).

Allied Brigades

1st Belgian Infantry Brigade.

Royal Netherlands (Princess Irene’s) Brigade.

Taken from LF Ellis Victory in the West, Vol 1, The Battle of Normandy (London HMSO 1962), Appendix IV, pp 521-32.

Divisional details overleaf taken from Orders of Battle Second World War 1939-1945 by Lieut-Col H.F Joslen