Divisional Order of the Battle

Armoured Divisions

Infantry Divisions

6th Airborne Division

Polish Army.

Independent Brigades (21st Army Group)

  • 4th Armoured Brigade.
  • 6th Guards Tank Brigade.
  • 8th Armoured Brigade.
  • 27th Armoured Brigade.
  • 31st Tank Brigade.
  • 33rd Armoured Brigade.
  • 34th Tank Brigade.
  • 56th Infantry Brigade.
  • 1st & 4th Special Services Brigade (Commandos, incl Royal Marine Commandos).

Allied Brigades.

  • 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade.
  • Royal Netherlands (Princess Irene’s) Brigade.

Taken from LF Ellis Victory in the West, Vol 1, The Battle of Normandy (London HMSO 1962), Appendix IV, pp 521-32.

Divisional details overleaf taken from Orders of Battle Second World War 1939-1945 by Lieut-Col H.F Joslen