Annual Ceremony Programme

 Parade of Remembrance – Saturday 6th June 2020

Message from Joël BRUNEAU, Mayor of Caen

Soon after the beginning of the health crisis, we had been informed that the 2020 Parade of Remembrance taking place in our city on 5th and 6th June could not be held both by the British Friends of Normandy and the 3 UK DIVISION.

Usually between the 5th and 7th June, six Remembrance ceremonies are organised in Caen: two held by the Division including that on 5th June in connection with the British Friends of Normandy and in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, two organised by the Canadian Battlefields Foundation and two by the City of Caen.

Due to the situation – and in the absence of Veterans, our British and Canadian’s friends – Joël BRUNEAU, Mayor of Caen, decided to organise a ceremony in tribute to civilians killed during the summer of 1944, resistance members shot at the Prison of Caen on 6th June 1944 and the valiant soldiers of British and Canadian units who freed our city.

This ceremony took place at the Caen Memorial on Saturday, 6th June at 10:30 CET/09:30 BST.

It will be bilingual (French – English) and based on two speeches: one by the Mayor of Caen, followed by the Prefect for Calvados (representative of French Government in the Department). Moreover, the laying of a common wreath (Prefect-Mayor) will be followed by the anthems “O Canada” and “God Save the Queen” in tribute to the our Allied fighters and will end with the La Marseillaise.

It was inconceivable for the City of Caen to miss this event of recognition. Therefore, we have planned to adapt the organisation to the context we live in to be able to honour in a proper way the memory of our Allied countries which liberated Caen in 1944.

If you wish, you will be able to watch this ceremony live, available on our social media: City of Caen, Prefecture for Calvados and Caen Memorial platforms. Please feel free to inform your contacts to ensure that the ceremony can be seen by the greatest number of people on the other side of the Channel.

Thus, the memory of those who stood up to face obscurantism, of those who fell to save our freedom, will continue to be honoured with the necessary dignity, whatever the difficulties we are facing at the moment. This is our duty.

Next year, we can all come together to deliver a common message :


Best regards to you

from Joël BRUNEAU

The next Annual Remembrance Service will be held in the British Garden of Peace on the afternoon of Saturday 5th June 2021 and is part of the formal British programme of events commemorating the 77th anniversary of D Day.

It will be led by the 3rd (UK) Division Padre, and the Bayeux diocese. All veterans, their families, guests and the public are welcome to attend.

Programme – Provisional Timings

Attendees are asked to be seated by 15h30 and the Service will start at 16h00.

15h55: Command Sergeant Major brings parade to attention

The General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Division will greet the Mayor of Caen and other Principal Guests and escort them into the Garden.

16h00: Command Sergeant Major stands parade at ease

Remembrance Service begins. It will include –



Act of Remembrance; Last Post & Reveille

Followed by –

Wreaths laid at the Temple by

Chairman British Friends of Normandy

GOC 3 (UK) Division

Mayor of Caen and other Dignitaries

Wreaths laid at single Service Memorials and on each stele representing all those infantry divisions and independent brigades involved in the Normandy campaign by Representatives of –

the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy,

the Army

the Royal Air Force

Following which others wishing to lay a wreath will be invited to do so.

17h00:  Service of Remembrance ends